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TYLER'S WORDS - Buch-Review

I read the book after watching the movie but I still think I'd prefer the movie more, even in the opposite way. The movie contains the essence of the book, many parts of the story were changed or written completly new resulting in a denser atmosphere and more sense.

Yet the book is fun to read and since many of its stories are the stories of real persons, the words of some characters were the words of the author's friends the narration is quite comprehensible. The central issues too, the missing of a father or mentor, the search of a sense in our world of consumption, the wish to break out of everyday life is well understood by many people - not just men.

In my opinion the reader gets the idea of the narrator and Tyler Durden being one person much faster than in the movie. The different stories arent that strong related to each other too resulting in a loss of atmosphere. On the other hand the book can't come along with top actors, expensive special effects and a perfectly tuned soundtrack.

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