Name: CrimeKiller
Age: 22
Function: Super-Mayhemist
Fighting style: Todes-/Hundeblick (depending on sex)

"Schau mir in die Augen, Kleines"

I was sent by God [which one?] to Earth in order to do an allmighty cleansweep [best to start with my room]. With my Gaze of Death I spread fear and loathing [barking dogs don't bite] alas of women which just melt away [after switch to Hundeblick] :-)
I came to |PM| by my good pal Narrator. And if there were not the verbal attacks of Narrator (never miss no enemy) it would even be more fun to play. I'm always eager to party and socialize with my Friends. Btw. I'm one of Germany's best FIFA-players [TRUE!] so if you're in the mood for a defeat just contact me.[Annotations: Narrator]

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