Name: GOUM
Age: 26
Function: Super-Mayhemist
Fighting style: discusses his enemies to death - without a trace of mercy

"In death a member of Project Mayhem has a name"

My roots are in Asia...first fighting experience in Viet-Nam War. I'm a real Asian Lover (not to v e r w e c h s e l n with a Latin Lover - "Hey, I'm e Latino, you just gottada lova me!"). But you already could've schliessen from my name, meaning the Beautiful, Genius and Great. ;-) [he's about his real name Anh Tuan, meaning the above in vietnamese - at least if I should believe him - Narrator]

Wird dem wahren CS-Spieler unerwarteter Weise die Rübe weggeblasen, soll er immer in der Lage sein, eine letzte Handlung entschlossen auszuführen.

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