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Mow! Aeons since the last update. Since Dalai~LameR and CrimeKiller didn't play one time as |PM|, they're off from the list again. Instead I welcome my pal Tuan as |PM|-GOUM. With his 56K-Modem he's a real Highpingkiller]; )

Another new download avaiable is the, with that thing you're protected against Crash and Invisibility cheaters! Just extract to your HL-folder and run the anticheat.bat in the cstrike-folder. ihr euch vor Crash und Unsichtbarkeitscheat schützen könnt! Einfach ins HL-Verzeichnis auspacken und die anticheat.bat im cstrike-Verzeichnis ausführen. Your HL won't crash anymore and 'Invisible Men' are to see now as yellow models.

Mentioning cheats, finally I reaveat my own 'Cheats'. It's a little essay about the potential of a good player and the efficiency of real cheats.

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